#S1A Netted Habitat Cage

Butterfly Netted Habitat Cage

Netted Habitat Cage

Your caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies can be safely nurtured and contained in these beautiful white, lightweight, zipper-top netted habitat cages which provide easy access to habitat contents. They are perfect for classroom setting or indoor rearing.  These habitat cages can also be used as a release cage for a butterfly release. They can be easily carried by the velcro handle at top of cage.

To raise your butterflies indoors, simply transfer them to your cage, making sure to supply them with nectar source.  You may also transfer your chrysalides to the habitat cage and attach them to the top or upper side of the habitat cage, and observe your butterflies when they emerge.  

To raise caterpillars indoors, simply place caterpillars inside cage with their fresh host plant, and observe as they complete their metamorphosis into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly. 

Habitat cages can be safely used more than once, but must be cleaned after each cycle w/a diluted bleach solution. Habitat cage will safely hold up to 2 dozen butterflies. 

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